8 tips to buy clothes in the sales of the beginning of the year

The days after Christmas are among the best-selling days, according to ShopItToMe.com, a store that analyzes more than 750,000 sales items a year at more than 200 online retailers.

One of the causes that clothing stores usually have better sales, is that they try to sell excess inventory and seek to attract buyers who come to return or exchange their purchases, so that the stores lower their prices.

Then, the beginning of the year is a good opportunity to renew your wardrobe and find great offers. However, there are a number of pitfalls that can make you buy something unnecessary and end up with a debt. For this, we give you some tips for before going to a mall at this time.

1. Check what you need

Recently, Marie Kondo’s series , an organization specialist, came out on Netflix and her first lesson is related to clothes. He says that in order to organize your clothes you have to stay alone with what makes you happy. You must remove ALL your clothes and identify which makes you happy and which does not, to say goodbye to her when she has already fulfilled a function.

So organize your closet from scratch and make a list of what you really need to buy. Many times we buy clothes that we like, but we never use them, so, in your future purchases, do not make the same mistake, choose what you like and it is useful.

2. Create a budget and stick to it

Once you know what you really need, set a limit of money that you can allocate to buy clothes. This will help you not to spend the money you do not have on a coat or a designer bag that will put your finances at risk.

Check the catalogs of online stores, so you’ll get an idea of ​​the price. Also, with a budget that is within your reach, when you are in the store you will be able to resist the temptation to spend more, because you will know your spending limit.

3. Acquire quality clothes

Sometimes to buy the cheapest, we buy clothes that are of low quality that will not serve us for a long time and therefore spend more. It prefers clothes that will serve you in the long term, although it costs more expensive, it will suppose a better saving.

4. If you like it, you need it and you have it, buy it

They say that if a garment you like when the time in the store and also goes according to your needs, you should buy it. But you should always measure the garments to verify that it is neither big nor small, and that it does not have a flaw. If it does not convince you, take a walk around the store and wait to make a decision. If after a while, you do not love what you chose, do not buy it.

5. Buy your own

If the objective is not to lose your head with the sales, it is convenient that you go alone to make these purchases. The reason is simple: when you go in a group to see the discounts, you are more prone to fall into temptation. Seeing others buy things, can encourage them to imitate their actions. The attitude of the group reinforces any behavior, so with friends it will be more complicated for you to listen to your saving conscience.

6. Check catalogs of second-hand stores on the internet

There are many places that offer second-hand clothes in excellent quality that is almost new and cheap. In addition, in a second-hand store you take care of your budget and helps the environment. Simply to produce jeans, more than 3,000 liters of water are needed.

7. Avoid paying months without interest

Many times you can find promotions for months without interest, but you must be careful with this, since many times your ability to pay in the long term can be endangered, if you accumulate other monthly payments.

Remember that having debts can be an impediment for you to move freely in other areas. So continuing to pay for clothes in the next few months can be a burden instead of a benefit.

In conclusion, buying at the time of sale or end of season can truly be a break for your wallet. Always remember to plan your purchases, review the catalogs online, compare prices, define a budget and choose what you need and what you really use.