12 challenges to travel more in 2019

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to travel; But last year it was the same and you did not travel as you would have liked. Do not worry. Here we are going to give you some tips / retps so that once and for all, you fulfill this objective.

1. Put date and place to your trips

If you have a purpose but you do not put an expiration date, it is more likely that you do not comply. So take the bridge calendar and give yourself 10 minutes to decide when and where you’re going on vacation.

2. Travel to a place you do not know

By habit or just by laziness not to put together a new plan, we go to the same places as always. The idea is that this year you relive that spark for knowing a new place.

There are 121 magical towns recognized by the Ministry of Tourism. Then, do not make an excuse of not knowing where to go. Choose one of these places and visit it. The best thing is that these wonderful places, you can meet them, in a weekend. You do not have to wait for your vacation.

3. Travel alone

Many times we delay our travel plans because nobody is encouraged to travel with us. If your friends, your partner or your family can not because of availability of time or money, start your adventure individually.

In addition to meeting your goals, it will be an incredible experience to make your own decisions and know yourself.

4. Use every holiday day

According to the Federal Labor Law , workers who have more than one year of service will enjoy an annual paid vacation period of at least six days, which will increase in two working days, up to twelve, for each following year. services.

Take advantage of this benefit, if you already have more than one year working with your company. Plan your holidays in low season, this will be a guarantee of savings and greater enjoyment because there will not be so many people.

5. Meet other people

The best way to know a place is through its people. Look for any excuse to have a conversation with people who live in the place you are visiting and even on the way. You will be surprised by all the knowledge they can share.

6. Pack light

This is point is a real challenge this year. Usually, when we pack our bags we carry things for different scenarios. The truth is that many times we do not use them. Nobody will judge you for what you wear, moreover, people will not notice if you wear a pair of pants twice. So your goal this year is not to load unnecessary clothes or accessories. If you need it, wash your clothes in the shower as soon as you take them off or go to a laundry

7. Disconnect from the online world

Most of the time we are connected to social networks, news pages or email. This challenge challenges you to enjoy to the fullest, with all your senses, these days of vacation. Rest and forget everything. After that you will have the opportunity to catch up.

8. Use public transport in your trips

One of the most difficult challenges when you get to a new place is to learn how to transport yourself. However, it is the most effective way to get great savings when you travel.

Therefore, try to investigate how public transport works on your next trips. Remember, asking is Rome. Ask as many times as necessary, if you have a question about how to get a place.

9. Do ecotourism

Ecotourism is a way to travel with awareness. It is an approach for tourism activities to privilege sustainability, preservation, appreciation of the natural and cultural environment.

Therefore, the idea is to have the least possible environmental impact. Use fewer resources, use biodegradable products (for example, if you go to the beach, cenotes, lagoons, rivers, etc., buy biodegradable sunscreen), participate in flora rescue activities, plant a tree, bring donations to the communities.

10. Save

The lack of money is another of the main barriers to travel. This year, keep track of your expensesthat you incur . The objective is to identify which expenses to reduce, in order to be able to save. It will also help you to establish spending limits and thus you will not be buying when you leave.

11. Invest

Once you manage to save even a little, do not leave your money in a checking, debit or payroll bank account. Invest your money at least Cetes, which gives you a return of more than 8% per year and your money can be available safely. Then investigate what is an investment instrument that best suits your profile: investment in dollars, online loans or investment in the Stock Exchange.

12. Start planning the trip of your dreams

Many times we have that dream of going to a distant place and spend a month on vacation, with all comfort, but almost always our obstacle is money. Therefore, date that great trip, it does not matter if it is in two, three or five years. Make an estimate of what it will cost you, because that will be the goal of what you have to save to fulfill your dream. So that you do not see it impossible, re-establish small goals. In weekly, biweekly, or monthly savings.

If you do not have enough income, look for ways to earn additional income to reach your goal. You can invest in a small business to start making a profit and then grow.

In short, we hope that these challenges will help you to fulfill your travel goal.